"Dịch vụ của chúng tôi - Sự tin tưởng của bạn"
Install Power Monitoring System for Jabil- HCM City
Site Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Hardware
- To supply labour and engineering to perform installation new digital meter and running Ethernet cable from stations to Host center room and communication wiring at site:
- To advise on meters settings and perform setting.
- To verify all meter settings and operation using our diagnostic tools and software.
- Test Metering Cubicle including VTs by ETC2 or EVN before implementing at site
- Make base support for Metering Panel
- Install the Metering Panel and connect Busbar with the current panels
- Install SUM CT and connect CTs&VTs signals
- Total inspection before switching power
- Switch power for whole system and monitor measurement parameters
System Engineering as per the project specification for: 
- System Integration of all Power monitors
- System HMIs (graphics system)
- Real time display (with real time trending, and real time kW reading)
- Energy consumption, billing and power quality report configuration
- Database management
System Operation & maintenance Training and documentation
- Hand’s On System Operation and maintenance training for operator
- Training handouts and O&M manuals
System Testing and Commissioning 
- To test and verify functionality of all system operations 
- To run Site Acceptance Testv