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Soft Starter
Schneider Electric
The Altistart soft stared-soft stop unit supports the controlled starting and stopping, via voltage and torgue, of three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors for power ratings, protect your installations, and play it safe with complete producst, help you: 
  •  Reduce your operating costs.
  •  Reduce mechanical stresses on your machines and increases their service life.
  •  Simplify wiring.
  •  Protect your electrical installation.
  •  Save space with a fully equipped product, optimise the size of your enclosures.
  •  Keep temperature rises to a minimum (low heat dissipation).
  •  Reduce the number of components you need to manage (multifunction product).
  •  Detecting and signalling faults such as a blocked motor, underload or incorrect earthing of one of the 3 motor phases.
  •  Incorporate all the protection functions required to monitor the motor, the electrical installation and the starter itself.
VLT® Soft Starters - Protect gear, goods, equipment and the environment.
VLT® Soft Starters all use the principle of phase angle control: Back-to-back coupled thyristors ramp up the motor voltage. In some VLT® Soft Starters, current transformers measure the motor current, providing feedback for starting current control but also for numerous motor and application protection functions. Then again, a number of applications require a kick-start torque for an instantaneous period of time followed by a soft ramp-up acceleration. VLT® Soft Starters cover all of these applications and much more.
  •  Product range: 1.5 - 850kW.
  •  All sizes are rated for line voltage up to 600 V AC.
  •  Provide timed voltage ramp up and down.
  •  Compact size, amongst the smallest in their class – saves space in installation .
  •  Simplify selection and reduce the risk of breakdown.
  •  Selection can be based on motor power which ensures easy selection.
  •  Can be used for an almost unlimited number of starts per hour without derating.