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Variable Speed Drive
Schneider Electric
The Altivar variable speed drives are designed for compact, textitle and special machines. Also with pumps and fans. The Altivar
variable speed drives provide:
  •  Ease of communication.
  •  Save time on wiring.
  •  Fast detection and protection against motor current peaks.
  •  Simplified user interface.
  •  More innovations and more safety functions.
The Lexium variable speed drives are
  •  Extra slim book format.
  •  Easy to confi gure and setup with SoMove software.
  •  Packed with common software tools, accessories and functions.
  •  Homogeneous mounting and wiring systems.
  •  High-performance communication system.
  •  Built-in Bluetooth as standard.
  •  Can be configured with the power off in its original packaging: configurations can be transferred remotely via mobile phone using SoMove Mobile software.
The VLT® Drives are dedicated to ventilation, heating, refrigeration, control AC motors up to 22.0 kW, cover the entire range of applications with a wide range of powerful standard and optional features: a modular build-up and a high energy efficiency, back-channel cooling and user-friendly operation.
Product range:
  •  200 - 690V / 0,25kW - 1,4 MW.
  •  Profibus (MCA 101)
  •  DeviceNet (MCA 104)
  •  BACnet (MCA 109)
  •  Lonworks (MCA 108)
  •  ProfiNET (MCA 120)
  •  EthernetIP (MCA 121)
  •  Modbus TCP (MCA 122)
  •  CAN Open (MCA 105)
  •  PROFINET (MCA 120)
  •  Low operating costs.
  •  Maximum uptime.
  •  Save initial and operating costs.
  •  Low investment.
  •  Save commissioning and operation cost.