"Dịch vụ của chúng tôi - Sự tin tưởng của bạn"
Vamp 40
VAMP 40 is a reliable and cost-effective solution for power system protection of feeders, motors and capacitor banks. VAMP 40 contains fixed hardware making it a standardised, user-friendly protection device, it also has a small form factor with limited installation depth, making it extremely adaptable to a variety of space limited applications. From measurement and primary circuit monitoring to communication functionality, the VAMP 40 encompasses much more than the standard protection functions of a traditional relay by replacing conventional metering functions. VAMP 40 is designed for distribution network overhead line feeders, cable feeders and motor feeders including large motors, capacitor banks and reactors.
  • Comprehensive measurements
  • Power quality analysis
  • Full recording features
  • Ultra-fast arc protection
  • Extensive communication
  • User-friendly
  • Slimline case
Vamp 50 Series
VAMP 50 series offers a comprehensive selection of modular protection relays for overcurrent, earth fault, voltage, frequency and line differential protection. The VAMP 50 series is designed around proven technology concepts and developed in close cooperation with customers, making it both reliable and modern. VAMP 50 series also introduces a complete set of measurement functions including line and residual currents, current imbalance, system frequency and harmonics, replacing conventional metering functions in switchgear and controlgear installations. User-friendliness is a designed-in feature of VAMP products and the VAMP 50 series is no exception with a large LCD display, programmable function keys and easy-to-use VAMPSET software.
  • Robust with flexible hardware
  • Universal technology for cost-efficiency
  • Ultra-fast arc flash protection
  • User-friendly and high functionality
  • Flexible casing system
  • VAMP 50: Low and medium voltage feeders in industrial and utility applications with optional arc flash protection and for back-up protection.
  • VAMP 52: Low and medium voltage feeders in industrial or utility applications with optional arc flash protection. Extensive thermal protection functions make this relay optimal for low and medium-sized asynchronous motors. In feeder configuration mode, autoreclose and directional earth fault are also available.
  • VAMP 55: Frequency and voltage protection for both utility and industrial applications and also for synchrocheck applications.
  • VAMP 59: Line differential protection in medium voltage systems including overhead lines and cables with optional arc flash protection. Intermediate power transformers can be applied within the protected zone.
Vamp 200 Series
VAMP 200 series offers a comprehensive family of protection and control devices with complex measurement functions for the management of feeders, motors and capacitor banks. This range of intelligent protection managers combine standard hardware with advanced functionality and Ethernet based communication. The VAMP 200 series is fully compatible with VAMP's pioneering arc flash protection which adds an extra level of safety to the protection functionality. The flexible VAMP 200 series has been designed to meet the protection and control needs of a variety of power systems, offering a complete and reliable protection solution.
  • Complete protection
  • Integrated Arc protection
  • Total control
  • Comprehensive measurements
  • Power quality analysis
  • Full recording features
  • Programmable protection stages
  • Ultra-fast arc protection
  • Extensive communication
  • User-friendly configuration
  • VAMP 210: Small and medium sized generators including solidly as well as high or low resistance grounded systems.
  • VAMP 230, 245, 255 and 257: Applications where reliable control and protection is needed on feeders and motors including overhead line feeders, cable feeders, motor feeders, capacitor banks, reactors and busbars in power system distribution substations, power plants, industrial power systems, marine and offshore installations.
  • VAMP 259: Complete distance protection which incorporates line differential functions required for the protection of sub transmission cables and overhead lines.
  • VAMP 265: Utility and industrial power generation differential applications including generators, transformers and motors.
  • VAMP 265M: Complete differential protection dedicated to large synchronous and asynchronous motors
Vamp Arc Protection
Vamp Arc Protection Relay System - is an arc flash detection and protection pioneer offering fast and reliable devices to improve safety, ultra-fast and flexible arc flash protection from single units to multi-zone systems.VAMP’s arc detection and protection system measures fault current and light via arc sensor channels and should a fault occur, minimises burning time by quickly cutting off the current feeding the arc. The unique arc fault functionality adds a new dimension to the total safety of the installation and the reliability of the power system protection. Secure your assets, the safety of staff and the future of your power system today with VAMP’s ultra-fast arc protection products.
  • Personnel safety
  • Reduced loss of production
  • Prolonged switchgear cycle
  • Reduced insurance costs.
  • Low investment costs and fast installation
  • Industrial customers.
  • Utilities.
  • Power generation.
  • Wind power.
  • Marine.