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Power Meters
Schneider Electric
These power meters are easy-to-use, ideally suited to local and remote monitoring of low or high voltage electrical installations in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, utility networks or critical power environments - offer the measurement of all the basic demand values and required capabilites to monitor an electrical installation which are:
  •  Voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor, demand, energy, and time-of-use metering.
  •  Total harmonic distortion (THD) and min/max reading.
  •  Panel instrumentation.
  •  Trend curves and short-term forecasting (PM850 and PM870).
  •  Individual harmonic magnitudes and angles, and waveform capture (PM850/70).
  •  Sag and swells detection (PM850/70).
General Electric
The EPM 5500P Multi-Function Power Meter System provides complete access to electrical energy,  power, demand as well as voltage, current and other parameters through an easy to use interface. As an option, the unit also provides control, events and alarms with time stamps along with digital outputs.
The EPM 5500P has a large backlit alpha-numeric graphical LCD display that can display electrical  parameters,  open close status of contacts, a graphical load bar as well as phasors. A four-button keypad at the bottom provides a simple,  easy-to-use interface to read all metered data. Voltage, current, energy and power values can be displayed by the push of a button.
Some features are:
  • Measures volts, currents, frequency, active/reactive/apparent power, power factor, voltage and current unbalance.
  • A true RMS multifunction meter and an ideal choice when continuous monitoring of electrical parameters is required. In addition to realtime metering, the standard meter also provides voltage, current. The measured accuracy of voltage and current is 0.2%, power and energy is 0.5% of full scale reading.
  • The meter continuously provides power quality analysis for data such voltage and current, harmonics up to 31st harmonic as well as Crest Factor, TIF and K Factor.
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) per volts, currents.
  • Is offered with RS 485, Modbus communications. Using its nonproprietary open protocol, the EPM 5500P communicates with most utility RTUs, industrial PLCs and commercial energy-management systems. Integration into existing systems is simple and quick.
The Allen-Bradley® PowerMonitor™ 500 features an on-device LCD display in a compact footprint giving you instant visibility into your energy use.
It features a compact, space-saving design which mounts directly on the panel door. Installation is simplifed with on-device confguration, can be easily integrated into your existing energy monitoring systems. Not only measure the demand values, but also measure active/reactive/apparent power.
The features are:
  •  Multiple communication types including Modbus RTU or EtherNet/IP™.
  •  Two optional analog outputs for variable speed process control.
  •  Two optional digital relay outputs.
  •  Four confgurable alarms notify you of specifed conditions.
The PowerMonitorTM 500 is a cost-efective sub-metering option, providing critical data that can help you make at-process decisions, reduce energy usage and increase your company’s profts.


Install Eco-POWER METERs in lighting equipment, air conditioners, and production equipment to measure power consumption and check the current status. Then, with specific targets in place, the implementation and management of an energy savings plan is quick and simple. Visualizing target achievments improves the energy usage cycle and allows for changes to be made to maximize efficiency.
  • Measure all the basic demand values with a direct connection to an already-installed large-capacity general-purpose CT.
  • Easy wire-saving expandability brings diversity of measurement.
  • Easy expansion to suit conditions of use without waste.
  • Easy to implement and  visualization of energy usage made easy through the SD memory card.
  • Affordable peak demand control.
  • Estimate power consumption peak demand and get support for power management and cost-efficiency are the benefits of Eco Power Meters.