"Dịch vụ của chúng tôi - Sự tin tưởng của bạn"
MiCOM Series 10 (Px1x Series)
MiCOM Px1x Series relays are a compact solution for all MV applications where overcurrent and/or earth-fault protection are required. It caters for applications with conventional auxiliary power and where auxiliary voltage is not available or not guaranteed by using innovative Self-Power or Dual-Power modes (P115 and P116).
Flexible and compact options for the mounting of the device means that Px1x Series can be applied using Flush, Panel, Wall, DIN Rail or Withdrawable techniques.
MiCOM Px1x Series relays include many additional model specific features, dedicated to their intended purpose, such as:
  • Recording of faults, events and disturbances.
  • RS485 communication ports with choice of protocols and front RS 232 for local setting.
  • Capacitive discharge output.
  • Selectable measuring criteria: True RMS or fundamental frequency current measurements.
  • 1A/5A dual rated CT’s.
  • Event and Disturbance Recording.
  • Various casing and mounting options.
  • Relays have rear RS 485 port with choice of protocols and front RS 232.
MiCOM Series 20 (Px2x Series)
It will fulfl the basic requirements of industrial, Utility & Building applications providing simplicity and ease of use in a wide range of installations.
  • Scalable solutions where type and quantity of protection features is model dependent.
  • Flexible logic equations available on most models.
  • Compact hardware options for easy installation.
  • Common functions throughout the range.
  • Multi-language HMI.
  • Advanced protection functions.
  • P12x: Universal Overcurrent protection for main or back-up protection on MV and HV systems.
  • P22x: Motor Protection Series for LV and MV systems.
  • P52x: Line Differential protection for MV and HV systems with multiple communication options.
  • P72x: Dedicated high impedance differential protection.
  • P821: Dedicated Breaker Failure Protection suitable for HV and MV systems.
  • P92x: Voltage and frequency protection suitable for generators, motors and feeders.
MiCOM Series 30 (Px3x Series)
Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of MV & HV applications with particular focus on feeder and transformer protection and control.
  • Protection with Bay level control options to facilitate feeder management.
  • Input/Output quantity selectable based on requirements.
  • A number of Rear Port hardware options available with a wide range of Protocols selectable via software.
  • Protection functions available for unearthed/Petersen coil earthed systems.
  • Surface and fush mounted (including detachable HMI option) as well as compact case models available in the range.
  • Full Programmable Scheme Logic and Function keys.
  • P13x: Feeder management relays and one box solution for MV and HV systems (including railway feeder).
  • P43x: Distance protection for MV and HV systems and rail catenary requirements.
  • P53x: Line differential protection for MV and HV systems.
  • P63x: Differential protection for transformers, generators and motors (including railway transformers).
MiCOM Series 40 (Px4x Series)
It fulfls the protection requirements for a wide market of Utility and industrial systems and offers a wide range of protection functions.
  • Full Programmable Scheme logic available with Graphic Confguration Tool for easy setting.
  • Scalable Input / Output hardware depending on requirements.
  • Operating voltage selectable via Software for Opto inputs.
  • Hardware accessories available for easy mounting in racks or panels.
  • P14x: Feeder management relay suitable for MV and HV systems.
  • P24x: Rotating Machine Management relay for application on a wide range of synchronous and induction machines.
  • P34x: Generator protection for small to sophisticated generator systems and interconnection protection.
  • P44x: Full scheme Distance protection relays for MV and HV systems.
  • P54x: Line Differential protection relays for HV systems with multiple communication options as well phase comparison protection for use with PLC.
  • P64x: Differential protection for transformers.
  • P74x: Numerical Busbar protection suitable for application on MV and HV busbars.
  • P84x: Multifunction terminal IED with professional autoreclosing and CB failure functions.