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Ethernet Gateway
Schneider Electric
The EGX100 serves as an Ethernet gateway for PowerLogic system devices and for any other communicating devices utilising the Modbus protocol.  The EGX100 gateway offers complete access to status and measurement information provided by the connected devices via PowerLogic software installed on a PC.
The EGX300 is an Ethernet-based device providing a simple transparent interface between Ethernet-based networks and feld devices. These include meter, monitors, protective relays, trip units, motor controls and other devices that communicate using ModbusTCP/IP, Modbud, JBUS, or PowerLogic protocol. The EGX300 can form a simple, scalable web-based monitoring solution providing real-time data views, on-board data logging/trending, and simple control for feld devices. The EGX300 helps provide a system solution that can upgrade to include monitoring software for more advanced data collection, trending, alarm/event management, analysis and other functions.
These EGXs are compatible with:
  • PowerLogic ION EEM enterprise energy management software.
  • PowerLogic ION Enterprise power management software.
  • PowerLogic System Manager power management software.
  • PowerLogic PowerView power monitoring software.
General Electric
MultiNet™ is a communications module that provides GE Multilin serial ModBus IEDs with ModBus TCP/IP communications over Ethernet, allowing connection to fiber optic LAN and WAN network systems. MultiNet™ has the capability to connect up to 32 serial ModBus devices eliminating complex wiring and additional communications converters, and providing a streamlined and economical Ethernet hub. Unlike most communications converters that are designed for commercial use, MultiNet™ is environmentally hardened to withstand severe utility and industrial conditions.
  • Converts Modbus RTU over RS485 into Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet.
  • Supports both 10BaseT and 10BaseF fiber connections.
  • Connect up to 32 RS485 serial devices.
  • Modbus TCP/IP provides multiple SCADA masters allowing simultaneous communications to the same IED.
  • Flexible mounting options allow retrofit to existing devices.
  • Simple “plug & play” device setup with EnerVista™ software.
With the KS1 signal converter, RS232C/RS485 data can be easily monitored by Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Easy to connect: The connectors are located on the front panel.
  • Easy to operate: The IP address can be easily set by using the “Configurator WD Ver1.2 or more” setup software, which can be downloaded from website. The KS1 also can be connected to the LAN without the need of switching between RS232C and RS485 signals.
  • Easy-to-install: DIN-rail-mountable type.
  • Economical: Affordable price.